We are very excited to reveal our latest donation to the Thanet Press archive. These two wonderful mini posters by the renowned designer Gregory Brown.  These small versions of the original posters were created in 1933 for a publication ‘The Technique of the Poster’ which included an essay by Brown.

Frederick Gregory Brown (1887 – 1941) was considered one of the most influential poster designers of his generation.  After an apprenticeship as a metal worker, Brown turned initially to illustration for magazines and later to poster design, for which he won a diploma at the Milan International Exhibition in 1923. In addition to his work as a poster designer for companies such as ICI, London Underground and Whitney Blankets, he also designed textiles for which he won a Gold Medal at the 1925 Paris Exhibition of the Decorative Arts.

Brown also designed posters for Bobby & Co and this is where we get the double Margate connection. Not only did Bobby & Co commission Brown to design posters for their chain of department stores but they were also printed by them at their Margate print works in Union Crescent.

The book in which the mini posters appeared ‘The Technique of Poster’ *, was edited by Leonard Richmond and in his introduction writes

‘British travel posters, representing railway and steamship companies, are acclaimed by other nations as the best in the world. On the other hand the majority of posters that advertise merchandise, are mostly poor in conception and banal in treatment. A few English firms have had the courage to enlist original thoughts in art, as part of their advertising campaign. In consequence they stand well out from the nondescript array of uninspired advertising, and attract a good deal of attention in the right quarter’

Given that 5 of Gregory Brown’s posters for Bobby & Co are included in the book would imply that they were considered amongst the best.







* Richmond. L. (1933). The Technique of the Poster. London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd.