Over the past two months we have been working away developing and writing an application for Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF). Today we pressed the submit button and sent our application for consideration.

The project we hope to do will be called Print Works and will enable us to

  • save and conserve two archives; The Thanet Press once owned by Eyre & Spotiswoode and was a nationally-important printer with clients including the Royal Family, national galleries & museums, and Government and Martell Press, a local commercial printer active during the heyday of the Isle’s tourism industry and serving many tourism-related businesses. 
  • identify sites related to them (some of which are currently being redeveloped),
  • and use oral history to create a social history relating to working in the print industry.

For some years we have been building on the archive we already had, making connections with former print workers, exploring the interest of young people and assessing the importance of this growing archive through our StArt the Press project.

So….. fingers crossed. Wish us luck. We will know in 6 – 10 weeks!


Objects and ephemera from Thanet Press